A life in disability and employment services

“Work Directions Australia quickly established a reputation for inspiring people who were cut off from work due to disability, illness or injury, by assisting them to address the physical and psychological aspects of their condition and helping them back to work”.

Therese Rein

Therese Rein’s Ingeus Group grew out of Work Directions, a small rehabilitation company that assisted people cut off from work due to disability, illness or injury.

In 2010, Therese was presented with Australian Human Rights Commission — Human Rights Medal for her lifetime dedication to helping people reach their full potential. She was honoured for her enduring commitment to ensuring that people, especially those experiencing disability and disadvantage, were provided the opportunities they needed to succeed.

In this session, Therese will present insights from her extensive and impressive career in the disability and employment services sector in Australia and internationally. This includes operating employment services, corporate consulting, recruitment, and labour hire in the UK, France, Germany, Sweden, Poland, South Korea, the US and Canada. She will shed light on breaking down barriers to ensure people have the skills and support they need to get jobs and gain independence.

Therese will offer practical actions and ideas to promote best practice supports with an aim to closing the 30 percentile point workforce participation gap between people with disability and those without.


Thérèse Rein Ingeus Founder

Thérèse Rein is an Australian rehabilitation Counsellor and entrepreneur, and founder of Ingeus — an international employment and business psychology services company.
Ingeus expanded from being a one-person enterprise to employing more than 6,000 people in around 150 offices across 12 countries. The company served half a million people at any one time with the purpose of assisting them into decent lasting jobs. Ingeus was acquired by Providence Services Corporation in 2014 and again in 2019 by APM Group.
In 2010, Thérèse was awarded the prestigious Australian Human Rights Medal for her ongoing work and commitment to celebrating and improving the lives of people with a disability and their carers. In 2012 Thérèse was awarded Telstra Business Woman of the Year (Northern Region) and Ernst & Young 2012 Australian Champion Entrepreneur of the year.
Thérèse currently serves on the Board of the National Apology Foundation, Monash Investment Holdings, SAPIA, and a SPAC in the USA. She is Managing Director of Osprey Productions
Thérèse holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) (Psychology) from the Australian National University and Honorary doctorates from Griffith University, University of Western Sydney and Australia National University.