Co-Designing Employment Supports for NDIS Participants to Transition into Work

Care Squared a registered national NDIS provider providing participants with high-quality allied health services. This presentation is in partnership with Back2Work and extends on research conducted with Queensland University of Technology in 2023 to co-design employment services with NDIS participants. Detailed interviews were conducted with 33 NDIS participants to investigate their work and education preferences, and their future needs in employment support. This presentation will review these findings from participants, and discuss the challenges for future disability employment models when attempting to strengthen the collaboration between NDIS and DES.


Jotika Rama Chief Executive Officer, back2work

After graduating from the University of Wollongong with a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and Rehabilitation, and then Master’s degree in Physiotherapy through the University of Sydney, Jotika rapidly progressed to senior clinical roles. From there, she moved into occupational rehabilitation and, shortly afterwards, to leadership positions within the personal injury and insurance industries.

Joining Humanity Health Group, Jotika saw an opportunity to utilise her skills in innovation and mentoring, to influence service development and tackle common sector challenges. With a drive for positive change, she is committed to supporting her teams to constantly grow their clinical practice and leadership skills, to optimise the outcomes for clients and customers.

Thanks to a dual portfolio, Jotika is able to combine her passions – multidisciplinary allied health provision and support for people experiencing challenges with gaining and sustaining suitable employment.