How Can Science Advance Disability Employment?

Look at what we do, day-to-day with participants? Is it pretty much the same as 10 years ago? 20 years ago? Which other industry would say this?

Something’s not right.

Our sector does its best with what we’ve got, but we’re incessantly at the whim of policy changes and pragmatic considerations. Playing catch-up when we’re trying to give a leg-up.

This talk will cover:

  • practical issues at hand (such assessment, mutual obligation and benchmark hours),
  • the idiosyncrasies of actual human behaviour, as well as
  • bigger picture considerations,

…as we ask for your input into how we get onto a front foot with the government and disability employment services.


Dr Darren Coppin CEO & Chief Behavioural Scientist, Azurum

Having initially worked in employment services roles from Consultant, Marketer to Managing Director, Darren’s behavioural science research, insights and programs marry pragmatism and real-world concerns with cutting edge research. Over 500,000 citizens have been on employment and education programs informed by Darren’s research.

With experience across Australia, Europe and the US, Darren has a reinvigorated optimism for the sector and the DEA’s approach and would like to reiterate that British lager is usually served very cold, not warm, and that English teeth are now better than Americans’.