Personality Matters: How DISC Styles Affect Disability Employment Outcomes

This presentation will focus on the relationship between the DISC personality style and the engagement, likelihood, and sustainability of employment for individuals with disabilities. The DISC assessment measures individuals’ personality traits across four dimensions: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness. Understanding one’s DISC style can provide valuable insight into how they may engage with disability employment programs and approach employment.

The presentation will explore how individuals with different DISC styles may respond to job search strategies, training, and workplace accommodations. For example, those with a dominant style may be drawn to competitive work environments, while those with a more conscientious style may prioritise detailed instructions and a structured workplace. The presentation will also highlight how DISC styles can impact communication and collaboration with employers and colleagues.

The likelihood of individuals with different DISC styles finding and sustaining employment will also be discussed. While those with a dominant style may excel in certain positions, they may struggle with teamwork and collaboration. Conversely, those with a steadiness style may thrive in collaborative environments but may have difficulty asserting themselves in the workplace. Employers and disability employment programs can utilise this knowledge to better match individuals with job opportunities that align with their strengths and preferences.

In conclusion, the presentation will demonstrate how the DISC assessment can be a valuable tool for understanding and improving employment outcomes for individuals with disabilities. By considering an individual’s DISC style, employers and disability employment programs can improve the chances of successful employment and sustainability in the workplace.


Mr James Weait Company Director, Populi Solutions, Australia

James Weait is a highly experienced professional with close to two decades of experience in the employment services sector in Australia and the UK. Throughout his career, he has led a range of contracts covering generalist, disability, skills, and youth welfare, providing vital support to communities and individuals in need.

In 2019, James founded Populi Solutions, a company that specialises in delivering high quality, transformative training programs, project management consultation, performance uplift projects, and executive coaching services to employment service providers and other purpose-led companies. With a strong track record of success in this field, James has helped many organisations achieve their goals and make a positive impact in their communities.

In addition to his work with Populi Solutions, James also serves as a Board Member for Younity, a not-for-profit organisation helps individuals be healthy, happy and to thrive. He also serves as an Advisor to the Board for Parkhouse Bell, an industry-leading recruitment specialist.

James holds a bachelor’s degree, a Diploma of Leadership, and is an accredited DISC facilitator. He is a passionate advocate for the role that employment plays in reducing anxiety, building resilience, and promoting prosperity in local communities.