Reconceptualising a job interview through the use of a digital story résumé: the experiences of the viewer/recruiter

In this session, Jane Turnbull will discuss conducting job interviews using digital story resumes.

In an innovative study she investigated how a digital story reconceptualised as a digital story résumé (DSR) facilitated a job interview for a young person with a disability.

The study showed that employers gained an excellent insight into the participant’s work experience through the modalities of sound and visuals, which informed the job interview.

The DSR facilitated the job interview so that there was equal participation between the potential employee and the employer, affording a collaborative dialogue where the employer built a deeper understanding of the potential employee’s work abilities and talents without focusing on their disability.


Dr Jane Turnbull CEO / Founder, Own Words, Australia

Jane was awarded the degree Doctor of Education at the University of Wollongong (UOW) for her research into changing the way résumés are created and viewed.

Currently, Jane is a resident at the iAccelerate programme at UOW, developing an innovative recruitment tool that supports job seekers to create résumés that rightly and concisely reflect their experience and skills.

The tool was conceptualised in Jane’s thesis entitled, Reconceptualising a job interview through the use of a Digital Story Résumé: The experiences of creators and viewers.

In collaboration with software developers, Jane is at the minimum viable product (MVP) stage in the Australian Government’s Local Job Program. This stage will trial the tool prior to bringing it to market. Employment service providers and RTO’s will support job seekers using the tool in their challenge to enter the job market.