Thinking Traps and Social Apps – Hacking the Behavioural Science of our Sector

Darren will take us through some of the ludicrous consequences of our evolutionary mindset and relate them to our sector and society in general. In a talk covering avocados, young people, placebos and brain hacking, Darren may leave you second-guessing your own behaviours.


Dr Darren Coppin – Chief Behavioural Scientist, Azurum Pty Ltd

Dr Darren Coppin is a behavioural scientist devoted to applying psychological science to the real world and real policy. His resilience, change and wellbeing programs have been rolled out with over one-third of a million jobseekers, apprentices, corporates and students across Australia, the UK, the USA and Denmark.
Darren grew his business to deliver academically-informed programs, before it was acquired by private equity and floated on the stock market in 2019. He is halfway through writing a book on behavioural science and our everyday lives, titled, It’s all BS!