“Let’s Meet” – how Love on the Spectrum has changed lives

This is the story of how Jodi Rodgers came to be on a show, that went from the ABC to Netflix, but more importantly it’s the story of the relationships that were created with the autistic participants on Love on the Spectrum. All of their lives have changed because of this show, including a three-year project that Jodi and one person have been working on that will support many autistic people and people with a disability to build their own relationships.


Jodi Rodgers Director, Birds and the Bees

Jodi Rodgers is a qualified sexologist, counsellor and special education teacher.

Jodi has worked within the education and community sectors in both Australia and internationally and has extensive experience working with people with a disability across the life span.

Jodi established her private practice, Birds and Bees, after 30 years of working within the education, disability and sexual health fields. Birds and Bees specialises in delivering counselling services and workshops for people with a disability with a focus on sexuality, sexual health and relationships, as well as delivering training for parents, carers and professionals.

Jodi was featured on the Emmy award winning TV series “Love on The Spectrum” which was released on the ABC and globally on Netflix.