Cecile Sullivan Elder

Cecile Sullivan Elder

Executive Officer
Family Advocacy

Cecile has been the Executive Officer at Family Advocacy for the past seven years, but has been involved in the disability sector for over 25. Her many roles in the sector have included leading post school services, teaching Disability Studies, working as a Community Visitor with the Ombudsman Department and, more broadly, advocating for change management within the disability service sector and associated systems.

Cecile is passionate about people with disability being supported to thrive in their local community — whether that be attending the local school alongside neighbourhood friends, accessing paid employment whilst at school or generally having the right supports to access the opportunities society has to offer.

The role of families is critical in the realisation of all this. Family Advocacy’s work (both in advocacy and capacity building) is aimed at strengthening the knowledge, skills and confidence of families to speak up and to advocate for the authentic inclusion of their family member with disability.

At the conference, Cecile will be discussing Family Advocacy’s School to Work project, which is part of the organisation’s Resourcing Inclusive Communities initiative. School to Work spans NSW, QLD and the ACT, and aims to inspire and equip students with disability through the support of families, with the aim of seeking meaningful paid employment in the community.