Phoebe Hutchison

Phoebe Hutchison

Counsellor, author, and Founder of PLP Solutions

Phoebe Hutchison is a counsellor, author, and founder of PLP Solutions. The PLP (Passionate Life Program) was created in 2013 as a unique 12 step individual counselling model for rapid change in Addiction and Mental Health clients.

Phoebe released her first book in 2007, a relationship guide entitled Honeymooners Forever, Twelve Step Marriage Survival Guide. The sudden loss of a friend motivated Phoebe to write her second published book, Are You Listening? Life is Talking to You, to help clients with depression and often suicidal thinking.

As Phoebe worked more with clients who were wrestling with these complex challenges, she began creating ‘PLP’ as way to build on standard counselling with more comprehensive assessment and education tools. Phoebe wanted a system that could be replicated, and that would also cause fast, and lasting, change to clients.

PLP Solutions counselling team have been supporting jobactive (and DES) clients in Victoria, New South Wales and Western Australia in face to face or telehealth/phone counselling for over two years, following a hugely successful pilot program in 2019.

PLP Solutions recruit highly empathetic, and trauma trained counsellors, and train them in the PLP program, and continue to supervise with ACA approved supervision. Upstreaming and case management are also part of our team’s commitment to service.

Phoebe’s ultimate goal is to reduce world-wide-depression and her PLP Solutions team of specialist counsellors are making a daily difference to many clients in desperate need of help.