Eona Kim

Dr Eona Kim

Head Director
Employment Disability Institutes

Eona Kim has been the Head of EDI (Employment Disability Institutes) since 2021. She was the Deputy Director of EDI, KEAD (Korea Employment Agency of persons with disabilities) from 2013 – 2021. Between 1996 – 2012 she held various positions within EDI and KEAD including Executive Secretary to the President of KEAD, Senior Researcher, Team manager in EDI, KEAD, and Researcher, Department of Research, KEAD.

Eona holds three qualifications from Seoul National University, including a Ph.D. in Special education, M.A. Developmental Psychology and B.A. Psychology.

Eona’s research interests include policies and measures of the Disability Employment Quota System, Benefit and Work Incentives System, Employment Service System including One-Stop Access and Transition Program for Youths with Disabilities.