Ready for reform?

You had better be because it’s coming, and the DEA 2024 Conference is here to help.

As ever, when things are changing, challenges and uncertainty abounds. But, in greater measure, there is opportunity.

The Disability Royal Commission has made it clear – systemic exclusion is the cause of disability employment, and we need a society-wide response to embrace inclusion, end segregation, and make diverse workplaces that draw on all Australians’ talents the norm.

This Conference is a chance to have a conversation about how we pick up the gauntlet that has been laid down, continue the good work we do each day and enhance it to achieve even more.

The big issues

The new DES contract (likely starting in July 2025) will be a critical component of this Conference. We will have the chance to hear directly from the government about their priorities for the future, to make our collective voice heard in response, and to consider how best we will meet the objectives of a new, reformed DES.

Likewise, the NDIS Review has set out a clear direction of travel for a more employment outcome-centric approach. Our speakers will talk about what this means in practice and the role that disability employment providers can play within NDIS in the future.

The Royal Commission and The Employment White Paper both make it clear that more should be expected of employers, including through potential initiatives such as the promotion of disability employment through procurement.

The Conference will discuss how we can take ‘demand-side’ policies and employer engagement to another level, where fewer doors are shut for people with disability and a more genuine, lasting employer commitment to diversity and inclusion is fostered and celebrated.

The new additions

We are also pleased to debut the DEA Practitioners’ Forum, as part of our new Professional Members Program. This exemplifies DEA’s commitment to lifting workforce competency standards and giving our front-line the opportunity to upskill, network, and be inspired.

At the same time, our Tender Readiness Workshop will ensure that all organisations attending are well prepared for whatever the second half of the year throws at them.

Most of all, we encourage you all to attend, to collaborate, and to contribute. This is a generational opportunity to transform the face of disability employment in Australia and we will only grasp it if we grasp it together, as a movement.

The call for papers

If you’ve been working on an idea or a case study that aligns with the issues in play in the disability employment landscape, we would love to consider your presentation for Conference.

Please submit your paper if it:

  • is constructed on evidence-based research, case studies and/or industry or organisational best practice
  • provides clear, actionable, and practical solutions, processes, or information, and not be purely limited to theoretical frameworks
  • showcases innovative or unique practices, knowledge, and methodologies,
  • promotes discussion and participant engagement, be interactive where possible and offer opportunities for professional development

Who should attend?

The DEA 2024 Conference is Australasia’s premier Conference for managers, aspiring managers, practitioners, and academics working in or with the disability employment services sector.

It’s valuable to anyone with an interest in employment assistance for people with disability including anyone who:

  • wants to be informed on the issues of the day in disability employment
  • wants to shape the future of disability employment, and
  • people who are both!

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