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Australian and International Service Delivery Models that support participant’s back to work

Last year, Back2Work conducted a large scale research study in collaboration with USQ to understand a range of health variables and levers that need to be pulled to influence how quickly we can assist clients with disabilities and mental health conditions to return to work. 


We de-identified over 2000 clients that our allied health professionals had consulted and looked at factors such as sleep, mood and energy, wellbeing and positivity, confidence returning to work, stress and anxiety, exercise, motivation to work, diet. We set out to understand which factors matter most in terms of speed to returning to work. At the end of services we re-tested job seekers across these factors to see which factors improved as a result of health intervention, and which factors mattered most in returning to work. 


We later used this data to compare the results of our UK health business, against our Australian health business? Guess who won?


We considered which types of medical conditions or disabilities are most easily addressed such as stroke, depression, anxiety, psychosis, intellectual and learning disorders. Importantly we looked at return to work rates for each type of barrier. 


These two studies bring together international research, backed by academics, with practical solutions for providers on how to unlock the potential in DES job seekers.



Dr Kylie Henderson

Adjunct Research Fellow , USQ

Dr Kylie Henderson established Humanity Health Group in 2013. Kylie holds a Doctorate of Clinical Psychology and has more than 25 years experience in mental health and work. She obtained her doctorate in 2010, conducting studies in mental health, health and return to work.

Kylie’s interests lie in the fields of community wellbeing, technology and improved healthcare outcomes. With her team, Kylie has built Humanity Health Group into a global business that has grown to eleven brands in eight years, partnering with industry-leading personalities who share her vision to improve healthcare for current and future generations.