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New tools for commissioning services for complex clients

Mark will discuss the development of a new regulatory culture and a more relational contracting model, focused on partnerships and on building quality services. A relational approach to contracting in human services, including programs such as DES and Workforce Australia can be highly effective and supplemented by an appropriate assurance regime that is independent. Mark will discuss this concept with delegates and how this can lead to better service delivery for participant and providers.



Professor Mark Considine

Australian political scientist

Professor Mark Considine is an Australian political scientist, who specialises in public sector governance, and the reform of social services. In 2024, he became Co-Director of the Australian Welfare and Work Lab at the University of Melbourne. Mark is a Fellow of the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia [and the Institute of Public Administration Australia. Mark has achieved prize-winning research on public sector reform, new methods of governance and the street-level delivery of public programs. Mark has also worked with state and federal governments in the design of social services and strategies for place-based innovation.