Malene Rohde

Chief Operating Officer

Malene Rohde is the Chief Operating Officer at Prospert, an international learning, consulting and tendering management business with a focus on employability services.

With a background in corporate strategy and business planning, Malene has brought valuable experience and business skills from a career spanning government, consulting and technology services into her work in the employment services sector.

Since joining Prospert in 2021, Malene has helped employment providers with valuable insights to uplift their business performance; with projects covering DES performance review, Business Intelligence, Employer Engagement and more. Malene gained firsthand experience from program managing several Workforce Australia and affiliated program tenders, including supporting employment providers in their implementation of the new contracts.

Malene is passionate about helping clients to become high performing employment providers; by having emphasis on both the journey and outcome delivered for each client. Right now, our team is focusing on getting DES providers prepared and ready for the DES tender.