Joshua Bamford

Human Resources Director
M&H Ward Group

Joshua Bamford is an award-winning Disability Employment Advocate who serves as the Human Resources Director for the M&H Ward Group, overseeing nine McDonald’s restaurants in the Toowoomba region with a workforce of over 800 employees. Despite facing personal challenges with double deficit dyslexia and short-term memory loss, Joshua has harnessed these experiences to thrive in leadership roles for the past 15 years.

A passionate advocate for disability employment, Joshua developed an award-winning disability employment program that has received four separate awards. His initiative has successfully integrated over 50 individuals with disabilities into meaningful employment within the dynamic and demanding environment of McDonald’s.

Joshua is a prominent figure in the Toowoomba and Darling Downs Region for his Human Resources and Recruitment practices, holding a permanent position on the Local Jobs and Skills Board which is directly involved in shaping the development of alternative employment programs with business stakeholder, this board ultimately reports to the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations.

His contributions extend beyond disability employment; he has established various innovative recruitment programs, including a Mature Age Employment Program and a First Nations Employment Program.

Driven by a vision of practical and reasonable inclusive practices that are not just a box ticking exercise, Joshua Bamford is committed to fostering the next generation of leaders in the Australian workforce.