Martin Wren

NOVA Employment

Martin Wren, CEO of NOVA Employment is a visionary leader who has made significant contributions to promoting inclusivity and challenging stereotypes.

Martin is committed to helping people with disabilities find and maintain meaningful employment. Under his leadership, NOVA Employment has emerged as a strong advocate for the rights and opportunities of individuals with disabilities in the competitive job market.

Martin was Inducted into the DEA Hall of Fame in 2022 in recognition of excellence and long term commitment to the evolution of disability employment in Australia.  Martin has committed a significant portion of his working life towards the realisation of improved quality outcomes for people with disability in open employment.

In 2009, he founded the Focus on Ability Film Festival, an annual event that celebrates the talents of people with disabilities through short films. His belief in the capabilities of individuals with disabilities led him to use film as a powerful tool for global impact. The festival has grown over the years, attracting filmmakers from around the world and reshaping perceptions.