Yenn Purkis

Autistic author and advocate

Yenn Purkis is an Autistic and ADHD author, advocate and presenter who has been working in this area since 2005. Yenn has 17 published books, all on elements of autism and intersectionality. Yenn also works in the Australian Public Service. Yenn has presented all over the world including twice for TEDx Canberra (in 2013 and 2023). Yenn has expertise in a number of topics related to neurodiversity, including employment, mental health, gender diversity, advocacy and resilience. Yenn also has a Masters degree in Fine Arts. They have a large following on social media and post a regular blog and weekly memes. Yenn lives in Canberra in their apartment which has over 200 artworks on display. They share their home with their little tortoiseshell kitty, Sunflower.